Fluodica 10 duo plus

Fluoride varnish for deep fluoridation against hypersensitivities
INDICATIONS Treatment of hypersensitivities:
• in cervical areas and at crown margins
• after professional cleaning and calculus    
• after etching / grinding
• after injury of the enamel (fractures, chips)
• due to worn occlusal surfaces and   
  teeth carrying braces

Sealing of cavity margins after restoration 
Dentine protection / lining under amalgam fillings

ADVANTAGES Highly effective combination of sodium and calcium fluorides
Transparent - no discolouration of the teeth 
Intensive remineralisation of the enamel
Free of methacrylate and glutaraldehyde
Very economic: up to 300 applications per 4 g
Forms a protective coat against thermal and
 mechanical influences

PRESENTATION Item No. 2478:  10 g liquid