Medifil IX AC

Packable glass ionomer filling cement

INDICATIONS Treatment of V-shaped defects and enamel or root erosions in the dental neck area incl. class V fillings
Restorations of deciduous teeth (especially class I)
Cavity fillings of class II (not occlusion-bearing) by means of tunnel preparation
Core build-ups, build-up fillings and linings
Temporary long-term treatment of class I and II cavities

ADVANTAGES Excellent packable consistency
Strong adhesion to dentine and enamel
Quick and easy direct application without mixing errors
High compressive and flexural strength
Tooth-like thermal expansion
Superior abrasion resistance
Moisture tolerant
Continuously high fluoride release
Highly biocompatible (does not contain mercury or resin)
Highly translucent and radiopaque

Item No. 2625: 48 capsules, shade A1
Item No. 2626: 48 capsules, shade A3