About Us


As a manufacturer of high-quality dental material PROMEDICA has a long-standing experience in dental industry. Founded in Neum√ľnster in Northern Germany, PROMEDICA has been catering to the needs of both dentists and patients since 1983. Ever since, PROMEDICA has been highly engaged in research and development resulting in a large portfolio which ranges from proven classical to highly innovative products.

Today PROMEDICA exports to more than 70 countries worldwide and is awarded with the certification of the international standards ISO 13485: 2016 guaranteeing production and qualitiy control on the highest level.



PROMEDICA provides solutions for all requirements in restorative dentistry by offering excellent self-, dural- and light-curing composites, first class compomers, modern bonding materials and premium glass ionomer cements. High-quality products for prosthodontia, endodontia and dental care as well as bleaching products complete the wide product range containing both proven classical preparations as well as progressive products of the latest generation.  

All products are produced in Germany under highest quality aspects and with the latest technology available.

In order to learn more about our portfolio we welcome you to browse our website (please click here) or to contact us.


To our customers, specialist dental suppliers, high product quality as well as a relationship based on continuity and reliability are essential for their daily businesses. Having a strong customer focus PROMEDICA is highly committed to consider special demands and to ensure a prompt and careful order processing.

We guarantee our care and utmost support for the promotion and sale of our products at international marketplaces in general and at exhibitions in particular.