Medifil IX forte LC

Glass ionomer filling material
Restorations of class III and V (primarily root caries and cervical fillings)
Restorations of deciduous teeth
Small fillings of class I
Temporary fillings
Core build-ups

Excellent working time and the setting time is individually adjustable by light-curing
No need to condition the dental hard tissue
Suitable for large cavities
Immediately packable after placement in the cavity
Does not stick to the instrument and is easy to model
No varnish required - fill, polymerise and finish
Fluoride release

Item No. 2830: 50 application capsules (shades 10 x A1, 10 x A2, 30 x A3)
Item No. 2836: 12 g powder, 5 ml liquid, shade A1
Item No. 2837: 12 g powder, 5 ml liquid, shade A2
Item No. 2838: 12 g powder, 5 ml liquid, shade A3

Item No. 2831: 50 capsules, shade A1
Item No. 2832: 50 capsules, shade A2
Item No. 2833: 50 capsules, shade A3
Item No. 2834: 50 capsules, shade A3.5
Item No. 2835: 50 capsules, shade B1