Medifil IX forte LC

Glass ionomer filling material
Restorations of class III and V (primarily root caries and cervical fillings)
Restorations of deciduous teeth
Small fillings of class I
Temporary fillings
Core build-ups

Excellent working time and the setting time is individually adjustable by light-curing
No need to condition the dental hard tissue
Immediately packable after placement in the cavity
Does not stick to the instrument and is easy to model
No varnish required - fill, polymerise and finish
Fluoride release
In deep cavities: Suitable alternative to the CBF technique (composite bonded to flow)

Item No. 2830: 50 application capsules (shades 10 x A1, 10 x A2, 30 x A3)
Item No. 2836: 12 g powder, 5 ml liquid, shade A1
Item No. 2837: 12 g powder, 5 ml liquid, shade A2
Item No. 2838: 12 g powder, 5 ml liquid, shade A3

Item No. 2831: 50 capsules, shade A1
Item No. 2832: 50 capsules, shade A2
Item No. 2833: 50 capsules, shade A3
Item No. 2834: 50 capsules, shade A3.5
Item No. 2835: 50 capsules, shade B1