Chairside soft denture relining material
INDICATIONS Permanently soft relining for total and partial dentures
For relieving pressure from pressure spots
To dam the palatal vibrating line
In cases of flabby ridges and insufficient adhesion
To cushion sharp-edged alveolar processes
To support the healing process in implantology


Chairside soft relining during 1 appointment only
Special adhesive for extremely high adhesion between denture and relining material
Special glazing to seal and to smooth treated surfaces
Smooth, hydrophobic surface inhibits germ and candida development
Permanently soft due to A-silicone basis
High translucency: natural shade adaption
Superior colour stability and excellent aesthetics
Neutral in odour and flavour
Easy to clean

Item No. 2580: SET: 50 ml cartridge, 10 ml adhesive, 10 ml glazing base / catalyst, mixing tips, accessories
Item No. 2738: pink mixing tips, 50 pieces  *