Medifil IX forte

Glass ionomer filling material

INDICATIONS Restorations of non occlusion-bearing class I cavities
Semi-permanent restorations of class I and II cavities
Restorations of class III cavities
Restorations of class V cavities
Restorations of cervical lesions
Restorations of root caries
Restorations of deciduous teeth
Base / liner
Core build-up
Temporary restorations


Variable mixing time for adjustment of consistency
The capsule design reaches smaller cavities and difficult-to-access areas in the mouth
Easy activation without activator
Can be modelled immediately after insertion without sticking to the instrument
Perfect marginal adaptation and easy application
High compressive strength and abrasion resistance

Item No.2607 50 application capsules (shades 10 x A1, 10 x A2, 30 x A3)
Item No. 2608 50 capsules, shade A1
Item No. 2609 50 casules, shade A2
Item No. 2610 50 capsules, shade A3