Dispenser Type 2
GIC Activator GIC Applicator
  Extruder gun for 50 ml 
 For activating GIC           
    application capsules
 High quality metal alloy
 Easy and hygienic handling
 For applying the content of            application capsules 
    directly into the cavity
 High quality metal alloy
 Easy and hygienic handling
Item No. 2726: Dispenser
Item No. 2668: GIC Activator
Item No. 2673: GIC Applicator

Application Tips


Item No. 2495: 30 application tips
Item No. 2637: 100 application tips


Item No. 2634: 100 application tips 
Item No. 2681: 100 application tips

Mixing Tips


Item No. 2536: 50 brown mixing tips   Item No. 2590: 50 blue mixing tips


Item No. 2703: 50 mixing tips, tapered canulae   Item No. 2738: 50 pink mixing tips


Item No. 2704: 50 mixing tips, blunt canulae   Item No. 2798: 50 turquoise mixing tips

Intraoral Tips





Item No. 2799: 50 intraoral tips  
Item No. 2739: 50 intraoral tips