Success CD

Temporary crown and bridge material
Fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays

Less than 1 min. setting time in the mouth
Auto-mixing, homogenous and bubble-free paste
Extra short mixing tips for economical and precise application: 40 % less waste
Very low setting temperature
Withstands strong functional loads
Excellent transverse and compressive strength
Natural fluorescence
Perfect long-term aesthetics: brilliant enamel-like gloss and high colour stability
Long-lasting temporaries with precise fit



Item No. 2740: 50 ml cartridge shade A1
Item No. 2741: 50 ml cartridge shade A2
Item No. 2742: 50 ml cartridge shade A3

→ all 50 ml cartridges incl. mixing tips

Item No. 2590: blue mixing tips, 50 pieces *